Kevin Martin Henson was born January 11, 1972 near Fort Rucker, Alabama. He died November 7, 2019 at Medical City Plano from complications due to an aneurysm he had on October 14. He was 47 years old.

I first met Kevin in 1994 when we were both hired in the technical support industry for a company called Corporate Software, who was bought out by R.R. Donnelley Publishing to form the company Stream, International. We actually had to fill out our hiring paperwork twice because the name changed in the middle of our training. (More stories about our training will be told... I guarantee it!)

I was taken aback by how jovial and loud Kevin was to me, and immediately made me feel like I was his best friend in the world. He and I celebrated our new employment by visiting the local Olive Garden and, by the end of that lunch, were inseparable.

This website will serve as a memorial equivalent of a Presidential Library, where family, friends, business associates, and acquaintances can come together to tell stories, share photos and video, and generally compile a tome of the legendary life that he led.

Join me on this journey of remembrance and tribute as we honor one of the best men to have ever walked the earth: Kevin Henson

— Chris Brackman (a.k.a. "Adobe Wan Kenobi™")